Battery Safety

Please note that Lithium-ion batteries, if misused,damaged or defective, can leak, cause fires, or explode.
For your own safety, please read these instructions and warnings before using or charging any Lithium-ion battery.

  1.  Use only high quality chargers specifically designed for Li-ion / Lithium rechargeable batteries.
  2. DO NOT Disassemble or mistread the battery, it may catch fire or explode !
  3. Do NOT use the battery if the WRAP is broken / torn !
  4. Charge fully before first use.
  5. A Lithium-ion battery should NEVER be discharged below 2.5V.
  6. NEVER exceed a battery’s maximum continuous discharge rating.
  7. DO NOT short-circuit the battery, keep it away from loose change and metal objects.
  8. DO NOT use a battery if there is abnormal smell, heat, deformities, or discoloration.
  9. DO NOT crush, hit, impact or disassemble a battery.
  10. DO NOT dispose of in fire, near fire or high temperature.(more than 60℃/140
  11. DO NOT expose to water or any other liquids !
  12. Should the electrolyte liquid from inside of the cell get into your eyes, wash eyes with clean water immediately and seek medical advice.

These batteries are for use in a torches, headlamps, laser pointers and other such devices. They are NOT suitable for use in vaping/electronic cigarette devices.


Safe usage, storage and disposal

Lithium-ion (Li-ion/Liion) rechargeable batteries/cells can be dangerous when mistreated, damaged,defective or stored incorrectly when not in use. 
The customer/user assumes all responsibility associated with their use, charging and discharging and their safe storage and/or transport. 
Ecoluxshop, its suppliers or original manufacturers cannot be held liable for injury to person(s) or property or any other form of loss or damage caused by improper use of these products.

  1. Never carry loose cells – they should be stored securely in suitable case at all times when not in use. (We supply free battery cases with every order).
  2. Do not short circuit the cell or battery.
  3. Always use a high quality charger designed for the cells you are charging.
  4. Never leave a battery charger unattended.
  5. Never completely discharge batteries. (By allowing the voltage to fall below 2.7v or 2.5v depending on the cell specifications).
  6. Check all battery wraps and insulators regularly. 
  7. Replace worn / damaged wraps and insulators before further use.
  8. Do not expose to extreme heat, cold or sudden temperature fluctuations.
  9. Always dispose of old cells at your local WEEE recycling centre or return them to us for free disposal.

We hold the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and data sheet files for all cells we stock. Please ask if you would like them emailed or included with your order. Please bear in mind that the Data Sheet information is presented in factory format and aimed at accumulator/battery pack builders. The specifications provided are often not attainable in other applications.